UP&ONWARD is the Minneapolis based design studio of Paul Shively. Paul is 100% curiosity driven, and always on the hunt for quality products with authentic stories to tell.



PROJ. 1/7




The 47 RONIN

Overview: In 2009 with the demise of the Buell brand by Harley-Davidson, the founders of Ronin Motor Works, created the Ronin Concept Motorcycle using the Buell 1125 chassis.

Since the concept bike was hand built, building more than a handful of bikes would require infrastructure to be put in place. As the concept was named Ronin it was decided that the number of bikes should be 47 as homage to the old story of The 47 Ronin from Japanese folklore.

The Ask: Coming in half way through the project I was tasked with creating a website to show off the Ronin. This task quickly snowballed into needing overall creative direction, photography, and creative consulting. 


Bag of tricks:
Creative Direction, Photography Direction, Development and Design

Paul Vincent - Photography
Joshua Adrian - Development
Futuristic Films: Video

Featured on: bikeexif, blessthisstuff, fubizSideburn, The Ride, Tank Moto

Click here to watch The 47 featured on Jay Leno's Garage


PROJ. 2/7


Hi-Lo Diner

Overview: An original 1955 Fodero Diner traveled from Gibsonia, PA to Minneapolis, MN with the intention of continuing a great American tradition. 

The Ask: Branding in the works!


Note: This project is in progress


PROJ. 3/7




Magpul Brand Update

Overview: "Magpul Industries is an American designer and manufacturer of high-quality consumer products..."

Although I am not a gun person per se, I found great beauty in this brand of engineers. Once inside the doors of Magpul I saw that every single decision that was made, was made because of their internal design process which had the goal of making products that are: better, stronger, lighter, practically relevant, all the while at a price point that wouldn't destroy the customers wallet. 

The Ask: To come in and help manage the Creative Direction of the brand through: brand assets, photography and ultimately the brand messaging.


Bag of tricks:
Brand management, creative direction, design, photography and photo direction, messaging.

Benjamin Rasmussen: Photography
Joshua Adrian: Development


PROJ. 4/7





Overview: The Hollister's have a small family run farm that is done with 100% sincerity and 100% passion for everyone involved.

The Ask: The Hollister's needed their story told and branding that matched. The first thing we did was condense their "about us" section to simply: "Healthy land, healthy cattle & healthy people - all connected." From there it came down to capturing life on the farm and creating an identity system that would match their simple yet hardworking aesthetic.


Bag of tricks:
Copy Writing, Creative Direction, Photography Direction, Design

Paul Vincent: Photography


PROJ. 5/7



Overview: CPC is an Experiential Marketing company who has been operating for over 30+ years with notable clients such as Coca-Cola, Mazda, Target, General Mills, NCAA, etc. 

The Ask: Give the brand a face lift that emphasized their flexibility with a wide range of clients. CPC stood for many things over the years, but the one that had stuck was Create, Play, Connect, and that's exactly what we focused the entire brand around.


Bag of tricks:
Creative Direction, Photography Direction, Design

Paul Vincent - Photography
Joshua Adrian - Development

arctic cat 01.jpg

PROJ. 6/7





Overview: The Wildcat leads the industry in strength and durability. basically its more or less a go-cart on steroids. 

The Ask: Arctic Cat wanted to a website that acted as a digital brochure to show the Wildcat in action, specifically through the versatility on trails, rocks and sand.



Bag of tricks:

Copy & Photography - Periscope



Children's books in the works, postcards for brands, show posters,
and other fun items. If I had it my way I would illustrate all day.




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